Sunday, June 7, 2009


Welcome to Temecula, California. Uneek and I headed down south to visit the store and drop off our 2009 summer collection which is now available.

One thing awesome about the store is the half pipe entry way.

Had to session it real quick.


Drop off the order.

"On tha grizzly" Talked to Graham for a while about industry politics.

The walls of the store are hit with layers of paint from the Seventh Letter Crew, a ginormous piece from Shepard Fairy(Obey) which consisted of four huge plaques, and some interesting canvas really pulled out the character of the store.

Then on our way back to the land in the Honda EF.

For you down south heads in Cali, head to the Versus store for your everyday street wear needs. I'm sure the well rounded folks at Versus would enjoy your visits. Thanks Mike & Graham.

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