Saturday, June 27, 2009


Boy its HOT 100 degrees...
Meet Nolan Miles (KORE skateshop).

We met up at the Alliance Competition in Fontana and he's already snapping decks.

you'll see more of this dude shredin the streets.

Not to mention he got 2nd on the mini and 5th on the street, congrats Miles.

Speaking of bake'n under the sun, we bumped in to the BAKER Skate team. We pushed out to a little skate spot in the outskirts of Los Angeles and threw out our left over inventory.

Jimmy (Filmer for BAKER skateboards) putting Villany Product on blast for the next BAKER video.

Erik Ellington (pro-skateboarder), surprised that his Brigada X Neck Face glasses, that jumped off recently, hit the Hypebeast forums.

Antwuan Dixon (pro-skateboarder), fully tatted from head to toe.


Jeff Lenoce (pro-skateboarder) watching the kids fly off the 4 stair ledge.



push wood...

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