Sunday, November 30, 2008


Check this video on VIMEO with the homies on the come up, the "1/2 Way To Nowhere" teaser. The entire video will be dropping December 10th of this year, so be on the look out. If your a fan of snowboarding go ahead and cop the video. Big ups to the COUCHBOYS!

1/2 Way to Nowhere Teaser from Kyle Grant on Vimeo.


Check it out new jibs from the Faultline squad at Mt. High. Prepare for the winter for some new stuff to shred up at the High. Big ups to the whole Faultline Team for maintaining the jibs and jumps and for the homie Mikey Radizwon, Dome, and friends for building them, the rails and paint are looking good!

Thursday, November 27, 2008



Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We headed to Long Beach to meet up with a good friend of ours since our long days spent in San Francisco. Meet lovely miss Camile Velasco with our 2nd season of Villany Product for you ladies out there. She may look familiar to you if you folks are box head/couch potatoes and watch too much channel FOX11 in which you may catch her on a reality t.v. show, I'll leave that for you to guess.

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You might catch her on the streets posted with Keykool from the VISONARIES/UPABOVE or goonin' it with the Villany squad. You can also visit her myspace by clicking HERE and go add her. She has dope vocals, maybe even a little bit of a Lauryn Hill. Scope this out.Enjoy!


Saturday, November 22, 2008


Growing up, this song (especially the beat) had to be one of the historical slappers in the hip-hop game. MC BREED a Michigan based rapper passed away today after being admitted to the hospital last Friday with kidney failure, rest in peace."There aint no future in a front!"


This Saturday we headed to the boon docks, where cattle are raised and the amazing aroma of cow sh*t infiltrate the airs. The Active mother ship of all Active Ride shops had a AM competition and we joined them to experience what a piece of wood can do for the people and generations to come. Take a stroll with us.

RedBull is at every event and they always have girlies working for them on the streets.

LRG team signing; Adelmo Jr, Rob G, Chico Brenes.
Say hello to (pro-skater) Adelmo Jr.
Mike Robles (Skull Candy) handling the the tables.
Whats good Mike?

Seems like Supra is taking all the attention this ending year.
Scotty (The Hundreds) big posted.
The good folks from BEAR MT. Hopefully this heat goes away, we need a winter like last 05, pow pow.
Good folks from Converse. For the love of Chuck Taylors and the hot girl that ran this booth.
Foundation had beer pong.
Free burgers and hot dogs, not to mention free Chipotle.

The wheel of fortune in which 11 year old kids got lucky enough to end up in slots to draw mustaches on their upper peach fuzzes and do 20 push-ups. man up!
Here's the recruiter and she'll serve you up at your local Active.

Free Emerica denim jeans and flannels?
Broadcasting live.
FuelTV always keeps you updated with action sports.

Big tre-flippin.
The $1000 prize and the priceless prizes.
till next time folks. V.P. all day!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Heres just a few suff that has been laying around in the headquarters, soon to drop. For you ladies. Yeah that's it, its that Villany Product for you. Excuse the blurry photos.

looks like a mix-tape bra to me.
over the shoulder steezy.
looks can be deceiving .

Come on down!
L.A. gear?
Long hoodies to keep them legs warm too.
Oh yeah I forgot to add this for the dudes.
Next season coming out very soon at retailers near you, just keep us posted and we'll keep it come'n!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"VLNY PRDT" Dedicated Supporters

Villany Product has been trade marked and established since January 17, 2007 we have had so many dedicated supporters that have been holding us since day one. It’s dope how people grow so attached to the brand. Let’s recap on the people that are dedicated enough to post pictures of the shirts they obtained, with a little photo here and a little photo there.

FYI the helmet is villany product (hand made).

look out.09
what's snowboarding & jibbin in the summer like? peep the back, vintage villany colorway.

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this is how you throw your "V" up with your fingers!!

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plenty more, but got I sick of uploading photos for today and sorry for those who I couldn't catch. Till next time. LADIES LOOK OUT FOR NEW STUFF COMING YOUR WAY THIS WEEK ON THE POST.