Saturday, November 8, 2008


This Friday night we headed to the Milk Distribution in Down Town Los Angeles for Green Apple Tree's Art showing, take a walk with us.
We parked in the kut right under the interstate freeway. On our way we stumbled upon some significant sights and objects.
The funny papers.
The lost tapes.
After walking half a mile we finally made it to the warehouse.

Some of these artist have done several projects with familiar brands like; Green Apple Tree, Burton Snow, and Active Ride shop.

I knew that cup wasn't filled with coffee.

Jon (GREEN APPLE TREE) holding it down for free tall cans of Shapparo. That's no gang sign, you'll never guess what city he's repp'n.
Live D.j.

Live band from the YA.

Monica from Honest Tea hooked it up with a unlimited supply of organic tea the whole night, she literally had a whole truck load. Good chaser with the $2 flasks of whiskey we had from a local grocery market.

Lovely Pauline (VIMBY) from our back yard.
VIMBY squad posted with red cups all night.

I caught some one's left sleeve.

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Rhonda Jean said...

psh, red cups. you know they weren't "drinking."

hi etek, your blog blows.

love, ali