Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I just had a Stones Throw moment that I would like to share, for those who don't know about Stones Throw, go back in to your hermit shell (or should I say commercial bull@*#*!). For those who do know, I know these video's have been up for a while, from the 101 DVD and even the circa 90's. I always noticed the abstruse art and creativity of Stones Throw music films, a bit interesting. Whats even more interesting is Madvillainy's "fancy clown" was shot with a Canon Rebel and all these films are low budget yet very innovative and relevant, how's that shutter motor? Here's some videos that will hopefully enlighten your Veterans Day. ENJOY!

Fancy Clown- Madvillainy

Monkey Suit- Mf Doom

Come on feet- Quasimoto

Astronaut- Lord Quaz

Whenimonthemic- Lootpack

Money- Dudley Perkins

Take it back- Madlib

A.V.E.R.A.G.E.- Kazi... one of my favorates.

Oh yeah, never forget vinyl! (check out www.stoneshthrow.com)

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