Friday, February 27, 2009


Exclusively for the San Francisco City, Bay Area.

recovery from sale out @ GLOBE

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The long awaited restock for our men’s, and womans designs has come down to today! In [P-town] "POMONA" you can go buy a doom-fit, street credit, entrepreneur, man on the moon, and much more @ GLOBE. Most of the whole line womans and females will be there this evening. Villany&co is not trying to rape your pockets for a shirt neither. There going for reasonable prices, So be sure to make that trip over to GLOBE" to get a fresh Villany tee.


Today at noon the VILLANY fam, is riding all the way up the 5frwy to the "CITY" of San francisco, We will be staying in the Nob hill area. Catch massive updates to the blog as we will be wireless updating you on everything that goes down. Look out for the goones in the bay!! yeeeee" yaddie, yadada!!

ROB builds los angeles land mark

Located one block East of Vermont and Wilshire at Lafayette Park is a brand new, public skate plaza brought to you by your boy Rob Dyrdek and the kind folks at Carl's Jr.
Dyrdek's DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation started a program called "Safe Spot, Skate Spot" and decided to kick it off with the first project in Los Angeles. The plan, says Dyrdek, is to provide legal and safe spots for kids to practice the sport they love, street skating.
A skate plaza is different from a traditional skate park. Skate parks are artificial, and filled with plywood obstacles, ramps, and ledges. A Skate plaza attempts to look and feel like a real-world scene, the kind of place that a skateboarder would not normally be welcomed. Also at the ribbon cutting was (for some unknown reason) the world's largest skateboard. and yep that baby's fully functional. Come down and check out the new skate spot, it's open, safe, and guarded 24 hours a day, and (hopefully) there won't be any fruit-booters.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009




Coming on the monthly starting in the beginning of Spring season, noticed that I said mixtapes in plural. Oh yeah, Villany Spring/Summer Season line is coming. I know, I know its still cold, but don't doze.


Hello folks, I would like to introduce you to DEATH and yes that's his name.

This guy's name, not the caricature.


I caught this in Venice, to those who collect random stickers this one should be part of your collection, we'll if you find it.
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More artsy for your noggin. With out art and imagination what the f*ck would VILLANY be?

Yes , yes open your brains.



Tuesday, February 24, 2009


To support our lovely friend Pauline she just had her side of VIMBY launch "Lipstickdiaries" It's not just for you young fly ladies to scope out and to keep you updated on game, but she posts some very interesting articles and events. For you folks out there trying to find whats new and interesting go visit her blog. WWW.LIPSTICKDIARIES.COM

Click this image link to visit.
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Hope to see you soon VIMBY.

Monday, February 23, 2009


We took a trip to La Cienega Blvd to scope the ridiculously long line for the KAWS (Original Fake) reception. As we approached the last 10 minutes of the reception, as we always arrive late, I couldn't take any photos. But I'm sure there are several blogs out in cyberspace blogging that same night and you should definitely know where to look for those blogs. So we caught up with some folks with different faces down the blvd and we hit up a few local galleries after the Honor Frasier Gallery.

So I do not really have to explain anything about the photos Ive taken, as they speak for themselves, ENJOY!

Who's the guy with the curls?

John C. Reilly.

You might recognize him if you watch comedy.
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or seen this movie "STEP BROTHERS". Quite hilarious.

Y'all better watch thy self.

Sunday, February 22, 2009



Our good friend John Kang is in town from Asia, besides international marketing and promoting across seas, he met up with us and discussed several projects for Villany Product in Asia for the near future.

So while we do that we decided to stuff our faces with Korean Shabu Shabu, quite different from Japanese Shabu Shabu.

Tony & John believe to have different perspectives on street wear from a different side of the world.

John's not only has been in the fashion industry for years but he can chomp on any given object with his two front teeth.

Pandora Radio on the go. Crystal Castles while we eat?

The Crackberry Nextel. Chirping away.

Sippin on the Bohae.

Chop, Chop, Choppin. Cut, Cut, Cut. Sew, Sew, Sew.

Two words for this guy....RAGE CAGE.

P-funks in Korean.

Then we all headed to Shepard Fairy's (OBEY) birthday fiesta in Downtown Los Angeles to shake off the seriousness of business off our shoulders.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


As I head back to the Headquarters from the Chamber I thought that Villany might have to sit in the lab and spin those blank labeled vinyl and come out with a mixtape. I wonder if Dj's still have the time to create a mixtape with all collectible vinyl. No cheating on the Serato's.

1st Vestax PDX d3's Digital turntables.

Some John Coltrane.

To California Underground. Not to mention all double sets.

Musically inspired in all genres.

Garage band.

We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.