Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Last year around June 08 on the L.A. river banks the M.T.A. crew (Metro Transit Assassins) topped Saber's piece (yet Saber did not get caught). I always been seeing this specific M.T.A. hit up while cruising on 3rd street to Boyle Heights to hit up King Taco in East Los then drive back. But to be honest with you it's three times the size of Saber's and I'm assuming it took M.T.A. days to accomplish such an enormous hit up. The tag holds the notorious record for the largest act of vandalism in L.A. (1/2 mile long), and is just one of thousands of vandalism acts that M.T.A. is responsible for in the L.A. area and abroad. As of last Wednesday, the cops busted eight members of the M.T.A.crew.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials said one of the suspects drives a $60,000 BMW while another wore a diamond-and-ruby-encrusted Metro logo pendant valued at $27,000.
-The Los Angeles Times

Check out what the boys in blue confiscated from the M.T.A. crew.

Now you really can see that from space and Im sure you can get away with stuff like this in Europe.


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