Friday, February 27, 2009

ROB builds los angeles land mark

Located one block East of Vermont and Wilshire at Lafayette Park is a brand new, public skate plaza brought to you by your boy Rob Dyrdek and the kind folks at Carl's Jr.
Dyrdek's DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation started a program called "Safe Spot, Skate Spot" and decided to kick it off with the first project in Los Angeles. The plan, says Dyrdek, is to provide legal and safe spots for kids to practice the sport they love, street skating.
A skate plaza is different from a traditional skate park. Skate parks are artificial, and filled with plywood obstacles, ramps, and ledges. A Skate plaza attempts to look and feel like a real-world scene, the kind of place that a skateboarder would not normally be welcomed. Also at the ribbon cutting was (for some unknown reason) the world's largest skateboard. and yep that baby's fully functional. Come down and check out the new skate spot, it's open, safe, and guarded 24 hours a day, and (hopefully) there won't be any fruit-booters.

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