Sunday, June 14, 2009


We went to show our friends some appreciation at the Gallery Con Safos' which this gallery had gave the opportunity for the artist to shine in Pomona, CA.

Marco Rached with his entry way billboard. I could only remember meeting this cat in DTLA at a warehouse event, he's also on the come up on his clothing brand SPRFKR. ("super fucker")

Graham Nystrom (VERSUS). I could of sworn he was painting one of these peices in the Versus store when we stoped by.

If i were to explain his work in one word it would be grotesque.


Farah Anna Siozon.

Various artist on the corner including ZANE (red canvas).

Dan Nguyen brought back the Nintendo.

and showed his version of year 2012.

as some may call the year "Doomsday".

Vyal. This was one of my favorates in the Highly Illustration exhibit. Speaking of "highly" this end of the shovel was a "highly" nine hundred dollars.

Mr44 (Forgien Family) with his framed dollar peices.

I believe he is known for his collage of colors, especially in his other works for art. Each of these peices where called "44" and even the price of each frame was $44. I guess thats why they call him Mr.44.

Benji (The Hundreds) with his mural outside of the gallery.

The gallery also sold his poster and collab shirt with G.C.S.

Giant Casting Shadows.

Our shadows will be soon casted in the near future with various artist from the goons of VILLANY.

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