Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Villany takes frequent trips from Los Angeles to the Bay Area ever so often that you may call it our second home. Uneek took a trip to San Francisco to handle some business for our up coming accounts for Villany and various stores around the Bay Area. He also stopped by to congratulate our good friend Meg@ and his BLVCK SCVLE POP UP SHOP. Meg@ also is a frequent North to South Cali flyer as in a relation to HUF.LA and HUF.SF. Check out the recap of this event.

SFO. This is my favorate part, diving into the clouds after a short 45 minute trip. Its like your entering Gotham City.

DIAMOND X BLACK SCALE. My personal favorite, I'm sure that goes for a lot of us.

Switch up your steeze from fitted hats to medieval knight head armor, if you dare.

The shop was packed.

Since Uneek hasn't caught a random yellow taxi cab to the body while skateboarding (knock on wood) from California st. down to Market St. NONSTOP. I tell you those are mighty hills to conquer, here he is alive and healthy posted with Mega. As Mega would say "UNEEK! you the craziest dude to bomb S.F. hills"

Big ups to the BLACK SCALE family and Uneek don't get ran the fu*k over by a taxi cab.

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