Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today I just recently found out that San Francisco native Berry McGee is exhibiting his work at the Berkeley Museum up in Northern California as a part of Galaxy: A Hundred or So Stars Visible to the Naked Eye. I can honestly say he holds down S.F. art and influences several graphic or graffiti artists world wide, you may recognize his work if you folks travel to San Francisco ever so often, or read the book "BEAUTIFUL LOSERS".
(Height & Ashbury, S.F.)
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I remember he exhibited here in Down Town Los Angeles in 2006 at the Red Cat just around the corner from Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall on 1st and Grand Ave, he had the craziest installations.
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Yes, those are mannequins and its a part of his installation.
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Check out the arm hiding stealth mode in the bush.
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Its been known that McGee based the series on a homeless person he encountered on Harrison Street in San Francisco’s Mission District. ”He saw a man who was so striking, Barry couldn’t get him out of his mind…and proceeded to make a number of drawings bases on this experience.” These are his ballpoint pen-head illustrations.
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Get enlightened about Berry McGee with this video.

For all you Bay Area heads or those that are going to be around town, visit.

Berkeley Art Museum

2625 Durant Avenue #2250
Berkeley, CA 94720-2250

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