Thursday, January 22, 2009


Since Villany has love for J.D.M. we decided to post up in West Cochina for Tab-Tuesdays. This event happens every Tuesday at Store13, go Google it if you don't know. Bring your whips here, lets see what you got. Handle.

2.11's in brown paper bags.

This guy killed the real meaning of Preach.

Dude with the megaphone is ignorant, he came out of nowhere with his side kick holding a picket sign.

He crashed the entire party, he was trying to spread a positive message with the word of God, but after preaching how much of "lowlifes" we were, everyone left because he got annoying.

I mean, we respect what type of message your trying to deliver but no need for hostility while preaching it. Everyone's gone,oh well, more Honda heads scooped through.

Ef2. Who got one of those that you know?

Hemed up. Them boys will get you!

Meet lovely miss D.j. V-Tech, she's definitely red-lining it, pun intended.


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