Monday, January 19, 2009


M.L.K. holiday and R.I.F. is open, tomorrow the inauguration for Obama. Speaking of politics, we chopped it up with the hommie Jeff from R.I.F. about what is happening on the streets concerning street wear, where its heading, and word on the streets. What is "street wear" anyways? Hmmmm, I wonder who's next to step up to the plate. Come "kick" it.

Go visit R.I.F. for the first and only consignment shoe boutique in California or maybe even the world. R.I.F BLOG CLICK HERE

334A East 2nd Street
Los Angeles
, CA. 90012

Massive selection of goodies.

R.I.F. x New Era's.

chop chop.

Bicycle Motocross = B.M.X.

D.j. Ron Lee showed up out of nowhere and copped some heaters at R.I.F., catch Ron at More Fire (reggae/hiphop) on Mondays in San Berdu. Or click

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Courtesy photo (crosswalk) by your Local Rapper. Dmanos.
Since we're on the sneaker tip DONT FORGET DUNKXCHANGE on the 24th and yes we will be there selling product.

From Little Tokyo, SAYONARA!
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