Monday, January 12, 2009


VLNY CLICK headed to the art walk in Old town Pomona around 8pm the whole downtown was filled with people roaming the streets in boutiques, music stores, Bars, and art galleries. Every shop you went to there was free beer, hards, and wine being served. Bands were performing at the music stores near the glass house. On Main st. there is the most remarkable art gallery. It was the most awesome grand opening we’ve been to in a while. The whole gallery concept was on Guns, I have no pictures you would have to see with your own eyes. After that we made are way down to VILLANY&CO. favorite hip hop boutique GLOBE!!! We arrived there and it was setup like an art gallery on one side of the store. There were lots of people inside looking and outside smoking. We started to wonder why there were so many peoples Chilin; until SUPER NATURAL walked right in the front door like no body knew who he was in jumped on the mic. And started the live freestyle show!!
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