Friday, January 23, 2009


It's poppin off in the P off Second Street. Old Town Pomona is reestablishing itself and in the near future you will someday come here to visit, not to mention they are rebuilding the FOX theater. Also every second Saturday they hold a Art Walk with all the art galleries, all shops & boutiques are open late; GLOBE, RADIO FUTURA, LA BOMBA (thrift store), JOEY'S BBQ (Best BBQ in Pomona), and ROOTED MOVEMENT. Just on the corner off Second and Locust St. Rooted Moment is located, go visit and get fit with that VILLANY PRODUCT.

Rooted Movement

108 Locust St
Pomona, CA 91766

Angry Woebots- you might of caught his pieces up at Mt. High back in 2005 when all the rails and jibs were all pieced up all over the mountain.

Meet Albert, he's a bit busy handling the business. More and more people are beginning to crowd up here, so hurry fast. Art Exhibition's in the store is what I'm waiting for.

Go involve yourself with the nightlife in Old Town Pomona, yes its safe my friends.

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