Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I hope you all know that our "VILLANY" is not an actual word, well it is now. It also may be mistaken for the actual word "villainy" which in this case our word would be thought to be misspelled, actually no. The intention for our name "Villany" to be spelled differently but sound similar, if not, "Villainy" has a similar definition as well.

(actual word) VILLAINY (villain E)

1. Baseness of mind or character.
2. Viciousness of conduct or action.
3. A treacherous or vicious act.

(our word) VILLANY (VIL Lin Nee)

Well, I guess we can be all three of the above, if not more darker than words can express, or how ever you like it to be. So I've made our VILLANY official on the Urban Dictionary. I actually ran across the editors and asked permission to publish VP and they did.

you should definitely get VP on your favorite coffee mug. (advertisement)
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