Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We headed out to Huntington Beach for the AGENDA TRADE SHOW, to scope things out and stick our feet in the waters.

Thanks for the free parking.

I spy a s2000 JDM.


Meet the master mind behind the brand BLVCK SCVLE, our good friend MEG@. We shall await for the future events...

HUF. Its weird how HUF is attending trade shows nowadays.

Mr. Danny Kass (pro snowboarder) Grenade.

Mike Robles for Skull candy. To let you folks know VP supports SC all day.

DJ Slipmat for Skull Candy.

DJ Episode for Skull Candy & Acrylick.

Aris S.O.B. boardshop.

Meet Chris from the well known blog site CTOTHEJL.COM You will be seeing us soon.

Carlos (Quintin) camera shy.

Albert (Rooted Movement)

Folks from The Hundos. B.Mo & Switch. Check the FEED folks.

On the way out I bumped into Jason & Andrew from Tradition.

Rit neer da beeech BOI!

see us soon, for the future....and BEYOND!!!

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