Saturday, May 16, 2009


ReCap of Undefeated party last night in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

UNDEFEATED X CONVERSE release of the POOR MAN's WEAPON fiesta. VILLANY headed down Sunset Blvd.

City Lights.

New Color way and tote bag.

Meet D.J. HouseShoes. You might catch him at the DO-OVER which is an all day outdoor fiesta every Sunday from noon till midnight in Hollywood, hosted by Aloe Black and very special guest DJs like Rhettmattic and HouseShoes himself.

Speaking of shoes, check out what Houseshoes got for the little one.

And check out what he passed out to the whole team. The "Bible of King James", aka James Yancy, aka JDilla, aka Dilla Dawg ,aka JayDee, get it.

While cruising from destination A to B to C to D, I popped this mixtape in the vehicle and it slaped me in the face and left a weltering bruise. All Bangers...

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