Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yesterday while laying back working at the office, one of our new accounts 50/FIFTY GRIND in Los Angeles asked us if we can deliver a special order to them before the evening started so that they can show case our product for their store party event they were throwing. Their order included some of the 09 Summer line, which is in the process of being massed produced (not in the inventory). So we challenged ourselves to see if we can accomplish this order manually, as in ordering new shirts, setting up screens, applying paint, sewing tags, throwing them in boxes, driving to Los Angeles, delivering the order, and show casing the product on the racks all with in two hours.

Uline, best magazine for your warehouse equipment. Drawing it.

Printing it.

Box'n it.

Delivering it.

Party'n it.

Checking it.

Meet Rob from 50/FIFTY GRIND. Choppin' it.

Drinking it.

Show Casing it.

and Leaving it.....I guess our time limit wasn't FUCT.

all in n two hours. Oh yeah to all you Pasadena, Glendale, Eagle Rock, and Highland Park heads, stop by 50/Fifty Grind, because our 2009 summer just dropped in store.

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