Monday, December 15, 2008


Its been about a week since we posted a blog, after all the computer difficulties and what not I figured that today would be a good day to post another blog on Bear Mountain again and its raining cats and dogs outside as I post this. So be ready and hopeful for a wet and cold winter.

On the ride to our destination I found this weather formation along the distance on the highway, and I thought to myself, "tornados form in California?"


I was entertained with this magazine.

The pioneers of Los Angeles Hip Hop.

Dilated in the headphones all day

That long drive on the back highway to Bear had me eager to use the restroom and as I was drying my hands I noticed the hommies sticker. Check out PHATTASS GLASS the hommie Terry would cheff the most illest "glass" for your everyday rendezvous. "Glass" as in vases for your flowers and danylions.

It was a good day at chair 5.

I strolled up with the Bear Cats to drop some hammers.

It was really hard to get the flame going on the way up to the top.

Villany Product.

We sessioned on jibbs all day, I wonder when they're going to open the express line.

The clouds came in during the sesh, so excuse the gloomy eerie photo shots.

Then we called it a day after a handful of runs.

I hope that mother nature brings the gnarliest storm this winter, lets hope for it.

After we spent the entire morning and mid afternoon shredding, we headed to the hood in Bear City.

To the Villany Cabin we go!

I dont know about the hearts on the railing, but this would do us lovely for the 08/09 season hear in Bear Mt. . . PARTY TIME, EXCELLENT!

Be sure to be on the look out on that VILLANY PRODUCT.


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