Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We headed to the XLARGE storefront in L.A. to check out some DIME PIECES, if you know what I mean. Check it, for those ladies out there with the steezies click here DIMEPIECEDESIGNS. Scope this out, but dont break your necks when your heads turning.


The mastermind behind all this commotion miss lovely Laura (left) and friend CoCo (right).

The other woman with the plan Ashley (left) being bartender for the night.

There was a ConArt gallery upstairs. Very nice.

The Dj's were droppin slappers all night, not to mention they were all dime pieces.


I think DJ Rhettmatic once became a model in a part of his life time.

Meet DJ Phonics from BATTLESTAR crew handing those 10 click flairs (sike) faster than your eyes can see, or maybe even hear.

Outside was a Jungle.

Mestizo on the right (cali native rapper/Freshjive) posted with friend will rip your head off with one bar, check his music HERE.

Crush necks.


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