Thursday, September 9, 2010


For you San Bernardino, SGV, and Los Angeles bicycle heads I would like to introduce to you FIXED66. FIXED66 is a community based organization for local rides around your town to the greater Los Angeles areas. They have been around for some time and they have took the initiative to work with us as a supporting clothing company. Knowing that bike rides have been exploding from the East coast to the West coast with not only BMX, Road Bikes, but Fixed gear bicycles, they continue to contribute organized bike rides all over. VP will be contributing as well with contests and free product when the time comes for the next ride. All we know is that it will be on Route 66 celche' to the FIXED66 logo that we designed of course. Follow them for live updates, local rides such as Critical Mass, Store 13, K.Town, Juggernaut, etc. and for the next ride that will be happening soon. FIXED66 twitter.
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