Thursday, August 19, 2010


I was surprised when talking to the homies up in FATBEATS that the two FATBEATS locations that were left, Los Angeles and New York, are soon to be shut down. A few years back Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Atlanta had went out of business, either because of the economy or the new aged digital world of DJing. FATBEATS a record store established in the late 80's was the backbone distributor among several independent artist around the world such as J Dilla, Dilated Peoples, Percee P, Loot Pack, Madlib, The BeatJunkies, and all artist under Rawkus, ABB, StonesThrow, etc. Im sure from my interest FATBEATS will be missed. Yet their online shop will still be open FATBEATS ONLINE , but there is no feeling like digging for vinyl in those crates.
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Be sure you stop by FATBEATS.NY before September 9th or FATBEATS.LA before September 18th and be on the look out for supporting artist who will be doing in stores before their closing.
photo:(Slum Village-Amsterdam)

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