Friday, June 18, 2010


Here's the deal, we are not trying to ruffle feathers up there in the BAY AREA, we have massive love. As assumed the Golden State Warriors logo got jacked, borrowed, or flipped, obviously it says "LA CITY" with the Los Angeles skyline which was creatively done as a silhouette. BUT yes. "THE CITY" throwback does belong in the BAY and we shall keep it there. If you folks don't know we are an all the way around California brand 'SEE AYE ALL DAY" as it would be for this quote "shirts with huge words printed on them" and all our V-necks are for the womans line obviously.
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Also check the blogger's article. "I might shell out the twenty five bucks to pick this up until the Warriors come out with some actual wearable team gear that doesn't make you feel like you found bootleg sportswear in a Chinatown" -

and "Really love the ghetto skyline."

check the rest of the article on GOLDENSTATEOFMIND and for you haters, pay attention.

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