Friday, May 21, 2010


We finally squeezed in the time to head out to the Tradition Boutique in Westlake Village 805 area. Yes, it was a hell of a drive, but it was well worth it. As far as chopp'n it up with the good folks Jason and Nola at the shop, there is a vast selection of goodies that they carry. Not to mention its all "Purple and Gold" up in there.
tb 1
VP has recently dropped off the Spring line and its going out fast on both Ventura and Westlake locations.
tb 2
tb 3
tb 4
Meet Nola to the left, Nola came from ALIFE when they were still here in Los Angeles. Now she is behind the show case at Tradition. Jason to the right is the "Big Kahuna" with his partner Drew behind the shop, when you folks are out there shopping these good folks will take care of you.
tb 5
2895 Agoura Rd
Westlake Village
CA 91361
(805) 497-4717

518 East Main Street
CA 93001
(805) 643-8805

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