Thursday, March 4, 2010


One of the more inspiring independent directors that we pay attention to here at VP is Larry Clarke, you might know him from the works of "K.I.D.S." (rest in peace Harold Hunter), "Bully", "Jullien Donkey boy", etc and also Co-writing or directing with Harmony Korine, like the film "Gummo". I just wanted to share this film with you folks because it was banned from the United States and could only be watched else where. KEN PARK a film in 2002 is about delinquent suburban kids who are screwed up in the brian more than your typical crazy homies down your street.
Here's an intro clip of the movie, ENJOY!

Ken Park = Krap Nek

Park scene from K.I.D.S. when Casper popped the dude with the skateboard truck then all the kids jumped in. I hung out with Harold Hunter (legendary NY skater) before he passed, he was a real ass dude R.I.P.

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