Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Here is the re-cap from last weekends Ellis Snowboard Bonanza. two words. SH*T FACED.

We decided to post the Villany booth next to the 3 footer half-pipe, for party'n and shred'n.

Thanks to the folks from Ellis for inviting us.

Mr. Neal (Ellis Snow)

Meet Tony (Owner/Founder/Ellis Snow) bringing in the portapotty that was found at a near by construction site.

Unfortunately the portapotty was loaded with feces from grimy construction workers that release their insides in to and was placed next to our booth.

Then we forklifted it back to where is was found because of the horrible aroma.


The Villany booth was Jumpin all night.

Then we moved the party to the main stage.

Thanks for all the Villany support and to Ellis Snow.

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